Urbana, Realm of the Iron Tyrant

Government: Military Dictatorship under Lord Urbane
Capital: Mekanus
Imports: Food, timber
Exports: Ore, manufactured goods

Formerly the nation of Columbey. In the wake of Darkfall a mercenary named Marlek took control. He renamed himself Lord Urbane and renamed the country in his honor. While initially hailed as a hero, he has proven to be a cold tyrant. He has turned the entire nation towards combating the nocturnals. The populace has effectively traded freedom for security and live downtrodden lives.

Lord Urbane believes that mechamagic is the key to defeating the nocturnal threat. The country’s rich supplies of manite aid in that endeavor. The thundertrains are one of the products of this obsession. However, unrestrained industrialization has drained the land of its other natural resources and left it a bleak wasteland. Little of the land is inhabitable, forcing people to overcrowd the urban areas. The populace is on the brink of starvation, dependent on imports from other nations for food.


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